Our Brands & Products:

Howard & Miller carries an extensive portfolio of Menswear brands – from traditional favorites and household names, to the next up and coming “it” brand, you’ll find a variety of  high-end choices each time you step into our store. There’s something for everyone and we are always rotating our inventory, but an extensive list of our go-to staples can be found below:

 Alan Paine ♠  Alden ♠  Dixie Reserve ♠  Empire Clothing ♠  Franks Pants ♠  Geo. F. Trumper ♠ Geoff Nicholson ♠  Gitman Bros. ♠  Hardwick Clothing ♠  Overton ♠  Peter Blair ♠  Peter Millar  ♠  Samuelsohn ♠  Southern Marsh ♠ Torino Leather Co.