Gentlemen’s Guide


Neckwear is one of the accessories that can add a touch of personality or professionalism to any outfit. Styles range from formal occasions to more casual nights out and when wore properly, will turn heads. Whether you are dressing up a smart-casual outfit or adding a bit of color to your wardrobe, neckwear will bump your fashion sense to new heights. Knowing how to tie your neckwear is essential – whether you’re in high school getting ready for the big dance or presenting a pitch in the boardroom with your colleagues, learn this skill early and practice it often.

Half Windsor

A personal favorite, the Half Windsor knot is a slight step up without getting too complicated and goes well with medium-width collar spreads. Said to be an easier version of the traditional Full Windsor, this knot is more modest than it’s full counterpart while being equally formal. This is the knot you should be wearing with your suit and well suited for the office environment.  When tied correctly the knot is medium in size, nearly symmetrical and should produce a deep and substantial dimple that will add that much more dapperness to the overall look of the outfit. If you need to know how to tie one tie, this is the one

Full Windsor

A thick, wide, triangular knot that’s completely symmetrical and well suited for formal occasions. This one should be reserved for weddings, presentations and important business meetings; channel your inner Ari Gold with this power know. Reserve this for big occasions, and don’t make it your day-to-day knot.


Keep it casual with this smaller and slightly asymmetrical knot that is easy to learn and quick to tie. The Four in Hand knot was invented by British horsemen during the end of the 19th century who tied their scarves with one hand (you can use both hands) while holding the reigns of the four horses drawing the carriage in the other – hence the name four in hand. This knot is mostly widely paired with medium to narrow collars. While it may look as though the tie was an afterthought with the Four-in-Hand, it can dress up a outfit and many necktie aficionados continue to sport the knot.

Bow Ties

Are you aware that less than one percent of men know how to tie their bow tie? Feared by veterans and rookies alike, the bow tie makes a bold statement. Choose your situations with caution and don’t overdo it, but when you wear it, rock it with extreme confidence. If done right, the bow tie can look more dapper and elegantly handsome than most of it’s long friends, a necessity for any real black tie event. It’s popularity has increased in recent years for more casual settings, a perfect way to stand out among peers.

Caring For Your Neckwear

  • Untying your neckwear will prevent unsightly creases, untie in the reverse order that it was tied

  • Make sure that your hands are clean and well manicured in order to protect the delicate silk fabric of your necktie.

  • Have your ties dry cleaned and request that they not be pressed in order to retain their rolled shape

  • Hang ties in the bathroom when showering to flush out any wrinkles (this works well for shirts too!)

  • Tie tacks create holes that may snag, defer to the tie-bar for a clean look without shorting the life of your tie

How to Make a Dimple in Your Necktie Knot

The true necktie aficionado takes his time when tying his ties; the perfect knot has a dimpled look – meaning it has a crevice right where the tie goes inside of the knot. Certain fabric may be better suited for a dimpled knot tie than others, but with time you can perfect the dimple. To make a dimpled tie knot is actually quite easy. During the final step of your tie knot, right before tightening, slide a finger inside the loop and carefully fold the tie along the center. Fold the tie all the way up through the knot to ensure the dimple stays in place. Then, carefully tighten the knot while pulling out your finger. With a little bit of practice it really is that simple. Mastering the dimple will bring your tie game to the next level.

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Shoes are an essential part of any gentleman’s ensemble. Like any other accessory, a shoe makes a statement of style, elegance and uniqueness. Quality leather, beauty and comfort are important and investing in a good pair of shoes will go a long way. Care for your shoes and they will treat you well for years to come.


It’s indispensable to use this wooden accessory every time you put back your shoes in the shoe rack, to keep the original shape unaltered in time and adsorb moisture and odors


Own it, love it, use it every time to preserve the back supports.

Rotate Your Collection

Shoes are the tires to our mobility. Give your a chance to dry, never wear the same pair two days in a row.

Break Them In

Shoes don’t need to be uncomfortable. Avoid the temptation to wear your spiffy new shoes for long days at the beginning, your feet will thank you.

Get A Brush

Remove the dirt and grime to keep your shoes looking fresh between polishes.

Proper Polish by a Pro

Treat yourself to a proper detail at your local shoe shine, the difference a good polish makes is astonishing.