Custom Fittings

Galina Vasilyuk

Professional Tailor

Our professional tailor, Galina Vasilyuk, has over 35+ years experience in the tailoring field, having attending a half-day trade school in the Ukraine as an adolescent. She is the backbone to our operation, and in our opinion, one of the best in the industry. Tailoring your clothing is the perfect way to ensure you have just the right fit. Howard & Miller also offers a variety of custom services, including custom-made shirts, suits and sportcoats. Learn more about our alteration options below. 


Alterations are included with regularly priced merchandise, with all tailoring done on-site. Same-day alterations are available on an emergency basis. We also alter clothing purchased elsewhere.

A sample of the types of alterations we offer can be found below: 





Hem shorten / lengthen (plain) Hem shorten / lengthen Sleeves shorten / lengthen (with lining + plain) Sleeves shorten (plain)
Hem shorten / lengthen (cuffs / lined) Sleeves shorten / lengthen Sleeves shorten / lengthen (with lining+vent) Sleeves shorten (with cuff)
Hem jeans (original) Lining zipper Taper sleeves Sides take in (plain)
Waist take in / out Replace pocket Center back take in / out Sides take in (french seam)
Taper legs Shields Sides take in / out 2 Darts
Crotch take in / out Reline coat Hem shorten Hem shorten
Darts Reline sleeves Close vent
Sides take in / out Hem man-made coat Reline jacket
New zipper Vent

Styling Expertise

Our professional staff has 30+ years of experience when it comes to advising and styling your perfect all-around look. Whether you need a slight pop of color to stand out from the crowd via a silk pocket square or a crisp set of monogrammed gold cufflinks to add a bit of personality to your ensemble, our team will know just what to recommend to round off and complete your entire appearance.